August 4, 2020

Applied Practice | Dream Theory Project | Fairfax Willow


I had noticed an intriguing hole in the side of a large willow tree in the middle of a roundabout on Fairfax Road, near Swiss Cottage. I thought it might make a useful addition to my inventory of images for this project so I went there and photographed it.

Shot on an iPhone, I was looking to re-create this image


Once again I attempted bracketing and focus stacking this image. Not a panorama this time fortunately because I saw it more as a smaller final image.

An excerpt from my contact sheet showing bracketing and experiments with welder's glass

The image

This image seems fairly uninteresting on the surface, but I had in mind that I could use this in a composite. My project is concerned with looking beneath the surface

The hole in the Willow


I'm learning to balance efficiency with the desire to hoover up as many images as possible when at a location. This image could and should have been shot in a fraction of the time. Also, I didn't succeed very well in recreating the initial iPhone shot because the original shot was taken on an overcast day in the evening. The high-res images were taken on a brighter day at about noon.

Download PDF
Download PDF