August 2, 2020

Applied Practice | Dream Theory Project | Evening Lake


Although naturally drawn to do a lot of preparation for a shoot, I found myself with a little time one evening and decided to head out with camera and tripod and see what I could shoot for this project.

All I knew was the light was fantastic and I wanted to shoot an image with water.

The nearest still water I could think of was in Battersea Park, so I made the short journey there from home by bike.

Almost as soon as I arrived this scene presented itself. It's a comparatively simple two image panorama without a great deal of bracketing, and no need for stacking the focus. Unusually fuss-free given the convoluted techniques I chose for other images in this series.

Even though the location itself isn't the most exotic, as soon as I had captured this image I felt that there was something I could do with it.

A simple composition, evening light and sky
Trying a wider crop


Sometimes just following intuition is a good method of capturing an image.

Download PDF
Download PDF