This project began as an investigation into the medieval history of Europe and the Peace of Westphalia, which marked the beginning of modern nationhood. It has since evolved into a broader exploration of the pre-Christian and even prehistoric human desire to exert sovereignty, establish boundaries, and exert dominance over the natural world.

This work delves into the roots of our modern system of national identities and examines the concept of dominion as the creation of habitable order out of chaos.

It seeks to uncover the ancient origins of these ideas and to understand the human ambition to rule the kingdoms of sea and sky, to tame the wild, and to organise and defend territory. Ultimately, this series aims to represent the seminal aspiration towards dominion that has existed for centuries.


This series received a Neutral Density (ND) Award in 2021.


This series received a Fine Art Photography (FAPA) Award Nomination in 2022.


Each image in this series is available to purchase as a signed, limited edition archival C-type print.

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