June 18, 2020

Applied Practice | Dream Theory Project | Proposal V01 (Rough Draft)


In a previous post I outlined my research into the subject of dreams. Based on the foundations of this research I'm going to propose a plan to shoot the required images.


The module requires six images. Having consulted with my tutor Niki on this I think the suggestion of two sets of three images could work well. I'll define a 'set' as an image theme and attempt a different treatment for each of the six.

For now I'm going to think of my final image size as 7360 pixels across the long edge, which roughly equates to 32" (81cm) at 240 ppi. This is the the native size my Nikon D800 shoots at. I may modify this isze as I work through the project to incorporate inspiration from some of my source material. For example, Henri Roussea's 'Le Rêve' is a huge 298.5 x 204.5cm, and 'War or cavalcade of discord' is 195x114 cm.

Theme for each set

Possibilities for themes based on my research. I'll list these as individual themes here but I anticipate plenty of crossover between whichever them or themes I'm able to produce imagery for.

  • Strangers in dreams
  • Symbolism and archetypes
  • The landscape of the imagination
  • Simulation theory

Strangers in dreams

I'm thinking that an approach to this theme could be to create composites of people. Perhaps this will be a way to create images of people that don't exist in reality in the same way that strangers in dreams are not representative of real people. I'd like to make these images from photographs of people I don't know, and this precludes the possibility of constructing composites from a set up. I would need to photograph people who are strangers to me for this to work.

This leads me to think that a street phototgraphy approach might be the best way to gathe rthe images I will need.

Symbolism and archetypes

This could involve capturing studio shots of objects that I can layer into my final images, or thinking through the locations I shoot in, in order to reference symbols. For example, bridges, birds, shadows, trees, classical architecture.

The landscape of the imagination

I see this as a language of dream imagery that is exagerated or naive.

Simulation theory

I think of this as perhaps possible to evoke using reflections


Thinking of possible titles may be a way into shooting this project. I will add some title ideas here soon.


My first foray will be street photography. My goal will be to gather images that I can start to work with.


One technique I would like to try is shooting long exposures, hand held in daylight using a 10 stop ND filter. I want to see if I can isolate individual people in a surrounding motion. This might work if I can find a crowd or busy area. My final will be digital collages.


I always remember colour in dreams so I'm going to include colour if I can. I'll try and think through the colour based on the titles I come up with.

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Download PDF